Maso Grener Vigneti Dolomiti Pinot 2021

The “brown-reddish” soil of the Bindesi vineyard gives the wine fineness and
longevity, but at the same time it makes the Maso Grener Pinot Nero a wine
to be drunk when it is still young.

The grapes are hand harvested and then crushed directly in wooden vats,
open on top, so as to facilitate the pressing process. The maceration and
fermentation temperature is regulated by a system of flowing cold water.
After a short maceration of 10 days, the fermentation is completed in oak
barrels, where also the malolactic fermentation and the refinement take
place, until the bottling.

The Maso Grener Pinot Nero is luminous and attractive, with an almost
transparent red colour. The scents are sweet and they remind of cherries,
currants and spices. The fragrant taste recalls the small wild berries and in the
mouth one can appreciate the easy drink.

Kategori: Rött
Druva: Pinot Noir
Syra: – g/l
Socker: – g/l
Alkoholhalt: 13
Serveringstemp: 16-18°C
Dekantering: Nej
Mat: Vitt kött, vilt, anka
Producent: Maso Grener

Pris: 1512:- för sex flaskor inkl moms/frakt.

Pris: 831:- för tre flaskor inkl moms/frakt.

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Ange följande information:
Leverantör: Linaf AB
Producent: Maso Grener
Dryckens namn: Vigneti Dolomiti Pinot 2021
Varugrupp: Rött
Antal: (antal flaskor)
Volym: 750
Förpackning: Flaska
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