Trossen Lay Purus 2018

Vinmakarens beskrivning:
The wine grew in an old slate location facing south. Grey and blue slate covers the ground, which heats up quickly and dries quickly when it rains.
The vines are 40 year old Riesling vines, planted tightly and therefore the roots have to reach deep into the soil and feed the required water upwards with great energy.
The juice fermented slowly and became wine, which could rest for a long time on the yeast.
As always, the wine migrated in the cellar and was decanted twice to remove the yeast completely and to clarify the wine. This is best done in the old oak barrel.
The wine has a great density, radiates a majestic calm and is animatingly fresh and has a great drinking flow.
This wine should be enjoyed with devotion in a large Zalto or Riedel glass.  It has many ”tongues”, and a great willingness to tell stories of the Terroir and vintage 2018.
It is a ”naked” wine, without any additives, without sulphur and filtration, and after opening it produces a fullness of aromas that change every 10 minutes.
So you can really deepen a wine meditation and understand, that 120 years ago, the Riesling wines of the Moselle and Rhine were counted among the most expensive and most popular wines in the world.
Because this wine is ”old-fashioned” in a positive and impressive way. This is how the wines will have tasted back then, when Riesling wines from Germany were a fixed part of the menu at every Nobel Prize gala dinner.

Kategori: Vitt torrt vin
Druva: Riesling
Syra: 6,1g/l
Socker: 4,1g/l
Alkoholhalt: 12,5%
Sulfiter: 0 mg/l fria, 10 mg/l totalt
Serveringstemp: 8-10°C
Dekantering: Nej, men njut länge
Mat: Lättare rätter med ganska hög syra. Ruccolasallad med äpplen, rödlök och fetaost med olivolja och limesaft ringlat över.

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