Trossen Pyramide Purus 2019

Vinmakarens beskrivning:
Our ”Pyramid” in the Hubertuslay site, is a steep slate south-facing site. Before the land reform, there were ancient slate terraces there. Unfortunately, they were removed. But there are still some rocks in the subsoil that store the heat, and the barren soil dries out quickly when the sun sends all its power there for weeks. The vine has to make an effort. Water is scarce. Every summer is a challenge. In 2019 there was again abundant sun and golden grapes, but also raisins there, dried berries, very delicate, with an extremely high sugar content. And the question was, what kind of wine can come out of this? We didn’t need another noble sweet Auslese and let the reins loose. Let’s see where the wine wants to go….
This pyramid then fermented very slowly for 9 months, and then made it into the dry range after all. Kudos to our natural yeasts! The wine has a lot of power and great length, and still retains some unfermented grape sugar that builds and holds wonderful tension with the ripe acidity. In large glasses, an opulent aroma unfolds with memories of dried fruit such as tangerines and apricots. The wine is complex and fragile, responding intensely to air, subtle notes of oxidation float through the room, and toasty aromas and the scent of baked apples rise to the nose. Great suppleness caresses the palate with silky texture. One of a kind!
Can be enjoyed without food. Keeps the senses busy enough with ever new surprises.

Kategori: Vitt torrt vin
Druva: Riesling
Syra: 6,8g/l
Socker: 9g/l
Alkoholhalt: 13,5%
Sulfiter: 0 mg/l fria, 13 mg/l totalt
Serveringstemp: 8-10°C
Dekantering: Nej, men njut länge
Mat: Kan njutas utan mat, annars passar det till det mesta som inte är sött, inklusive en köttbit.

Pris: 2586:- för sex flaskor inkl moms/frakt.

Pris: 1359:- för tre flaskor inkl moms/frakt.

Tillgänglig via Systembolagets privatimport.

Ange följande information:
Leverantör: Linaf AB
Producent: Trossen
Dryckens namn: 2019 Pyramide Purus
Varugrupp: Vitt Vin
Antal: (max 3)
Volym: 750
Förpackning: Flaska
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Weingut Rita und Rudolf Trossen

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