Trossen Rot 2018

Vinmakarens beskrivning:
The Dornfelder is a very colourful red wine variety that is actually only cultivated in Germany. It has a tendency to fullness, which means that, if left to its own devices, it can carry an incredible amount of grapes.
Mostly the grapes are heated and the wine made from them is then quite thin by nature, has to be clearly chaptalized and tastes somehow jammy like cooked fruits, has no pithiness and is without statement.
However, we are putting reins on our Dornfelder and keep the yield low. Our vines stand in a fertile soil: sandy loam, which was already cultivated by the Romans.
The ruins of a Roman villa are very close by. During excavations there, a statue of Succellus, the Gallo-Roman tutelary god of the winegrowers, was found.
We pick the grapes by hand, sort them carefully and leave the grapes with a certain amount of stalk on the skins, which takes 14 days.
If necessary, the juice is slightly enriched and the later wine is lightly sulphurized. It is relatively light as a red wine, has only 11.5 ° and also only 10 mg/l free sulphur.
The open and slow fermentation with skins, stalks and pips transfers sufficient tannins, i.e. tannins that give the wine a certain lasting framework and firm structure.
It smells and tastes pleasantly of dark fruits like blackberries and black cherries. The wine is very intense in colour. Be careful with clothes and tablecloths!

Kategori: Rött torrt vin
Druva: Dornfelder
Syra: 5,5g/l
Socker: 1,7g/l
Alkoholhalt: 11,5%
Sulfiter: 10mg/l fria, 20mg/l totalt
Serveringstemp: 12-14°C
Dekantering: Ja, lufta gärna 30 min
Mat: Detta är det perfekta lätta rödvinet till fredagspizzan eller tacon.

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