Trossen Schieferblume 2020

Vinmakarens beskrivning:
“Schieferblume” is a composition, a cuvée, of grapes from several
vineyards where we have planted Riesling. We are fortunate in the
Mosel to have particularly soft Devonian slate, mostly the blue and
gray slate that warms quickly and stores the heat of the day and then
slowly radiates at night. This is the ”gold” of the Moselle, because on
these stony slopes the water does not stay. The Riesling does not like
wet, cold ”feet.”
But what benefits the later wine quality is a certain positive stress, the
effort, because the vine has to stretch its roots deep into the earth and
rock cracks during the hot summer months when the topsoil dries out.
From this effort of the vine to suck its water from great depths results
the saltiness, the minerality and thus elegance of the Moselle wines.
This is why they were once highly prized as ideal accompaniments to
fine foods.
The Schieferblume 2020 comes mostly from the vineyard ”Langfuhr”,
a single vineyard directly on the Moselle, surrounded by forest,
meadows and the river. Only a narrow farm and cycle path on the
former track bed of the Moselle railroad leads there, and we enjoy the
perfect idyll there. The famous painter William Turner, once sat here
and painted the ruins of the Wolfer monastery, which can be seen
below. This tranquility communicates itself to the wine, which is not at
all ”excited”, but encourages casual chatting. Goes well with all fish
and poultry dishes.

Kategori: Vitt torrt vin
Druva: Riesling
Syra: 7,2g/l
Socker: 5,7g/l
Alkoholhalt: 10,5%
Sulfiter: 18 mg/l fria, 41 mg/l totalt
Serveringstemp: 8-10°C
Dekantering: Nej
Mat: Lättare rätter med ganska hög syra. Bra till alla lätta fisk och fågelrätter.

Pris: 1380:- för sex flaskor inkl moms/frakt.

Pris: 756:- för tre flaskor inkl moms/frakt.

Tillgänglig via Systembolagets privatimport.

Ange följande information:
Leverantör: Linaf AB
Producent: Trossen
Dryckens namn: 2020 Schieferblume
Varugrupp: Vitt Vin
Antal: (antal flaskor)
Volym: 750
Förpackning: Flaska
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