Trossen Pyramide Purus 2021

Vinmakarens beskrivning:
The plot called Pyramid is located in the Hubertuslay site and is one of the most difficult vineyards to cultivate. The vineyard is very wide at the base and then runs up quite steeply and pointedly. So like a pyramid, only the top is not made of gold, as in the ancient Egyptian pyramids, but some of the wines that grow there are reminiscent of the precious metal in color and shine. The vineyard is inclined to the south and receives the early sunlight and the evening sun, is surrounded by the wind and harbors spicy herbs that always give a special spicy note to the wines.
The 2021 wine, despite its youth, is already convincing with its fresh, stimulating aroma of vanilla and baked apple. It has a slender, mineral shape with a crisp, distinctive acidity that lingers on the tongue for a long time and, with its saltiness, is reminiscent of the water that the vines must laboriously heave up from great depths in order not to die of thirst in the summer sunshine. In 2021, however, there was enough water, indeed, it rained far too much, and only a few grapes survived the violent fungal attacks. Thus, the wine became very concerted and dense.

Kategori: Vitt torrt vin
Druva: Riesling
Syra: 8g/l
Socker: 0,3g/l
Alkoholhalt: 12%
Sulfiter: 0 mg/l fria, 13 mg/l totalt
Serveringstemp: 8-10°C
Dekantering: Nej, men njut länge
Mat: Kan njutas utan mat, annars passar det till det mesta som inte är sött, inklusive en köttbit.

Pris: 2190:- för sex flaskor inkl moms/frakt.

Pris: 1161:- för tre flaskor inkl moms/frakt.

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Ange följande information:
Leverantör: Linaf AB
Producent: Trossen
Dryckens namn: 2021 Pyramide Purus
Varugrupp: Vitt Vin
Antal: 3/6
Volym: 750
Förpackning: Flaska
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Weingut Rita und Rudolf Trossen

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